Community Enrichment

Donations made to groups and organizations within the Cambria community.

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May 2017: Cambria Fitness Center for a $50,000 matching grant

November 2015: Cambria School Library for a SmartBoard

July 2015: Cambria Park for a study on improvements

November 2014: Cambria Park for new benches and cement for the dug outs around their baseball diamond

November 2014: Cambria Fire Department for specialized rescue equipment to help free anyone who becomes trapped in a grain bin

May 2014: Friesland Band for new shirts, advertising and hosting of events in celebration of the band’s 100 years

May 2014: Cambria-Friesland Historical Society for maintenance of their facility and purchasing of new display cases

March 2014: Cambria-Friesland Booster club for their baseball and softball field projects

June 2012: To the Concert in the Park

February 2011: Cambria Fire Department for the purchase of tables and chairs for their new community room

August 2009: To the Dump Bar & Grill’s Cancer Run Auction

June 2009: Cambria Pool Fund Committee for Cambria’s swimming pool

May 2008: Shakespeare Club of Cambria for repair of the Cambria Cemetery sidewalks