Youth Programs

Donations made to youth programs, organizations and schools within the Cambria community.

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An annual contribution to the Cambria-Friesland School for their Awards & Scholarship banquet

September 2016: Welsh Prairie Live Wires 4H for new signs for animal projects at the fair

March 2016: Cambria-Friesland FFA for a “Land Lab”

March 2015: Cambria-Friesland Little League for new uniforms and equipment

November 2014: Cambria-Friesland School for a water reel system to properly water their football and other athletic fields

December 2012: Cambria-Friesland School Music Friends Group for the purchase of the new sound system equipment for the gymnasium

September 2010: Cambria-Friesland Softball Program for the purchase of an outfield softball fence

January 2010: Cambria-Friesland School for the purchase of security cameras

August 2009: Cambria-Friesland Youth Football team for the purchase of practice gear

January 2008: Cambria-Friesland Youth Football for uniforms and equipment to start a 5th and 6th grade football program